It is our goal to provide families with as many fundraising opportunities as possible to offset the fees associated with marching band, color guard, and winter guard.  We have several ways you can assist with raising money for the band general fund as well as opportunities to earn money towards a specific student's account as well.  As always if you questions are not answered here, please contact us at


Snap! Raise

Snap! Raise was inspired by a simple idea: what if our youth coaches and educators had the freedom to focus fully on the work they loved, and the remaining barriers disappeared?  This fundraiser is designed to do just that.  Please use the information provided to join in and participate within this opportunity.  Remember, this fundraiser is based on spreading the word to friends and family.  With everyone's help, we will meet our goals!

Discount Blitz Cards

We have started selling the discount blitz cards which gives you the opportunity to sell discount cards to friends, family, and neighbors. This card gives the purchases numerous discounts at a variety of businesses in our surrounding community. Cards are $10 each and $7 of the $10 goes back to the student's account.  These cards must be signed out in the band room.



Cici's pizza discount cards

We have the opportunity to provide CiCi's Pizza Discount cards to student for them to sell.  These cards are $10 per card and $4 of the $10 goes back to the student's account.  These cards must be checked out in the band room.


PDQ Discount cards

PDQ Discount Cards are available for student to sell. They may be sold for $7.  Each card has an actual value of $10.  And, $2 per card sold goes to the student's band account.  These cards must be paid for in advance.