Team Leader:   Cynthia Guenther

Team Leader:

Cynthia Guenther

Fundraising Team

The Fundraising Team coordinates all of our fundraising efforts for the band. Throughout the year there are various fundraising opportunities and this team helps to coordinate efforts for these events as well as home football games and band camp.  This team also interacts with an recruits sponsorships as well.  See more detailed information on specific duties below.


Participating in the 50/50 raffle and doughnut sale - Coordinating with the treasurer to get the payment check for the bulk purchase of doughnuts - Ordering and picking-up the bulk purchase of doughnuts - Delivering the doughnuts to the admissions booth/ticket gate for unload and sale - Assist with selling doughnuts – participating parents/students will meet at the end of the 3rd quarter - Helping to sell the remaining doughnuts in the band room during announcements - Helping to sell 50/50 raffle tickets during the name in the home stands and concession area of the football stadium - Ensuring that a winning ticket is selected and communicated to the press announcer - Collecting larger accumulations of money at a “home base” area within the marching band section of the home stands - Awarding 50% of the earnings to the winning spectator after verifying that he or she has the selected winning ticket - Giving all the collected money to treasurer - Filling the aprons with change money (in designated quantities and denominations) for use during the sale


Overseeing the Discount Card Blitz Night – deciding selling locations, coordinating parent drivers (need approved volunteer/background check), organizing student groups, and handling card distribution - Coordinating with the SnapRaise Fundraiser representative – determining meeting/presentation times, sending reminders to band students/parents, creating an inexpensive incentive system for band student participation - Establishing potential sponsorship opportunities – calling out to local businesses, investigating grant applications, visiting store locations for donations, following up with organizations that indicate the need for continued communication with a manager - Coordinate with local restaurants/eateries for potential spirit nights – developing a schedule of prospects  - Locating supplies related to fundraising events (donation buckets, ticket bundles)

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